About Us

The WholeSaleKings story begins in 2015, with the launch of a humble local flooring retailer in Saskatoon committed to providing affordable luxury flooring. Pitted against the big-boys of retail, success didn't come by easy. This little flooring shop fought the odds with hard work and an undying commitment to customer satisfaction, eventually growing to be a top tier retailer in the city. Their motto is simple, "we aren't selling flooring products, we're selling trust". 


In 2019, inspired by it's brick-and-mortar success, Saskatoon's first direct-to-consumer discount flooring wholesaler was launched as WholeSaleKings.ca with the commitment to deliver unmatched savings to clients across Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Since then, WholeSaleKings' reputation has grown by keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high. Today, we offer over a dozen home building product categories (interior flooring, fencing, decking, siding and much more),  that are unmatched in value throughout Western Canada. That's guaranteed!

Our Values

As a family oriented business, WholeSaleKings' core values go beyond our commitment to quality products and low prices. Above all, we value our relationships - those with our suppliers, our employees and our loyal clients we've had the privilege to serve.

We are committed to sustainable business practices and a healthy environment. Our products are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers and are made to be non-toxic and lasting. That's why we stand by our products with an industry leading warranty.